"The C.A.R. Show! ~ Saturday's 9:00am - 11:00am ~ Join: Roger Kwapich, Dan Pietras, and co-host Steve Stewart for EXPERT AUTOMOTIVE ADVICE, AUTOMOTIVE NEWS, VEHICLE REVIEWS and so much more...

Join Automotive "experts" Roger Kwapich,  Dan Pietras and Steve Stewart every week for your chance to get some easy to understand, inside tips as to what may be ailing your vehicle....and so much more!

Whether you're able to work on your own vehicle, or you take it to the dealership or independent technician of your choice, by listening to The C.A.R. Show
you'll have a better understanding of how your vehicle operates, how to keep it running better, longer, and if you have a problem they can help you find the solution. And, you'll have some fun along the way!

But that's not all. You'll also hear about new products, get "practical new-car reviews", and learn from some of the industry's leaders about the latest and greatest in the automotive industry. 

While The C.A.R. Show
originates from the Automotive Capital Of The World, Detroit, Michigan, from the studios of our flagship station, WJR (760am), but it's not uncommon to hear us from other car events around the country.

Questions about your car?  You can call us every Saturday between 9am and 11am (EDT) at 1-88-88-CARSHO (888-822-7746) when our show originates "live".  However, in your city it may air at a different time or day...so check with your local station. 

Join Roger, Dan and Steve as they answer your emails.  This week the guys take care of problems with an '07 Sonata; an '05 Subaru Outback; an '00 Nissan Altima and maybe your car, in this week's, The C.A.R. Show InboxClick here to list to past 'inboxes'!








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Check here each week for special interviews and podcasts:

Chris Tracy, Social Media Manager for LMC Truck: Chris talks with Roger, Dan and Steve about LMC Truck, what exactly LMC Truck can do for you, about LMC's 6 football fields of warehouse space (keeping over 30,000 part numbers in stock) and about LMCTruckLife and how you can post your truck project online.  Find out more at the LMC Truck site or the LMC Truck Life site.

David Kim, Co-Founder and President for the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation: David talks with the guys about the Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, how it got started and how you can participate in the Drop And Give Me 10 Challenge too!  Find out more at either The Children Of Fallen Patriots Foundation site or the Drop And Give Me 10 site.

Matt Eaton, Manager for Maintneance Products with Denso: Matt talks with the guys about Denso's new Iridium TT Spark Plugs, why the Iridium makes a difference in your spark plug, why the Twin Tip (TT) makes a difference and how this spark plug technology is light years ahead of the comeptition! Find out more at the Denso web site.

George Hyland, Cardone Marketing Director for Brakes: George speaks with Roger, Dan and Steve about Cardone calipers, what a caliper actually does, why it's as much a 'fashion statement' for your vehicle as an essential part and why Cardone Ultra Premium Calipers use a powder coating to protect against rust that doesn't affect the fit to your vehicle.  Find out more over at the Cardone web site.

Rich Dwyer, Manager of K & N's Warranty Department: Rich talks with the guys about cabin air filters, how most cars have them and they haven't been changed in a LONG time!  Rich tells Roger, Dan and Steve about the K & N Cabin Air Filter that is reusable and about how to clean it and how often to clean it!  Find out more over at the K & N web site.

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You'll also hear vehicle reviews, news about new products, and special shows from some of the most interesting venues.

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"The C.A.R. Show! ~ Saturday's 9:00am - 11:00am ~ Join: Roger Kwapich, Dan Pietras, and co-host Steve Stewart for EXPERT AUTOMOTIVE ADVICE, AUTOMOTIVE NEWS, VEHICLE REVIEWS and so much more...


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