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2003 Ford Expedition

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2003 Ford Expedition

It's like saying goodbye to an old friend. But, the time has come for us to wave goodbye to our 2003 Ford Expedition.

I think everyone becomes attached to their vehicles, particularly when it's one they like. We're no exception when it comes to our 2003 Eddie Bauer Edition, for the Ford Expedition.

It's just been over a year since we took delivery on the Expedition. And, this was a great SUV experience from start to finish. Beginning with the design, to the ride, we were never disappointed.

I still wish the center console would open from the left, right, or straight up and I would have preferred cargo doors rather than a traditional lift-gate. But, when you think about everything there is to NOT like about an SUV or any vehicle, I'd say the Expedition passed with flying colors.

In fact, you can't get a better endorsement than when one of our staff purchases an Expedition, and that's exactly what Kristi Bannen is doing.

While we're saying goodbye to our Expedition, we will always have some lingering memories. Who could forget the day a rock cracked the windshield, and we had our glass expert, Jerry, do a full replacement. You'd never know it was done. And, then the time we heard a loud hissing, only to discover one of our tires slowly going flat. Yes, we made it to the tire store before it went flat and had it replaced. More significantly, you may remember when we found the plastic peeling from the center caps of the Expedition's wheels. That led to an improved process in how they were being manufactured.

But, as we say goodbye to this old friend and hope it finds a nice home, we will be welcoming the all-new F-150 pick-up truck to our family. More to come on this.

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