2002 Lincoln LS
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By: Kristi Bannen

If you're looking for an all around reliable and comfortable car with some get-up and go, the 2002 Lincoln LS is a good choice. It's a midsize, upscale sedan that really has had no major changes since 2001 (except for a new communications package option) and continues to be a popular choice for car buyers.

02 Lincoln gear shift The 2002 Lincoln LS is a rear-drive car. We test-drove the V8 sport edition with a five-speed transmission plus the manual-shift capability. It is built in the USA and shares its platform with the new Thunderbird Roadster as well as the S-type Jaguar sedan. You get a smooth ride, with just a hint of road noise at times, yet it's power-packed and agile. You can maneuver it in and out of traffic with ease. It has four-wheel independent suspension and traction control too.

I not only enjoyed the performance of the Lincoln LS, but the secure feeling it gave me. The braking capability was precise and the car absorbed shock well from bad roads.

I was disappointed that this sedan seemed to be lacking in rear legroom and in significant storage space. A family member of mine was riding in the back seat, she's about 5' tall, and I was surprised when I looked back and her legs were touching the back of the front seat. It would definitely be a tight fit for three passengers especially on a long ride.

As for storage, the trunk was a lot deeper than it was tall. It would be impossible to haul a new 27” television for instance (for those of who haul televisions a lot). Suitcases would fit as long as you laid them flat. You would not be able to stack two suitcases on top of one another.

Inside storage was limited too. The center armrest is narrow and only my car phone and cord could fit inside. There are two-cup holders for the front passengers and two in the rear armrest.

I like the fact that one standard feature on the Lincoln LS was the leather upholstery. It's quality leather, looked good and was very comfortable. Our test car had graphite/gray leather which contrasted nicely with the autumn red exterior color. After seeing it , by comparison, I actually preferred the black. I think the chrome on the front grill is more appealing and striking on the black cars compared to the autumn red.

I also like that the Lincoln LS isn't all decked out or overdone with too much exterior trim. It may seem a bit simple but I think that makes it clean and classy looking.

The control panel is loaded with extensive instruments and controls. I found the built in information system to be particularly useful including info such as: number of miles to empty; oil life; engine temperature; washer fluid; door open or ajar; rear brake lights and headlights; etc. It comes with power: windows; steering wheel adjustments; mirrors and windows. I did have a problem locating the power mirror controls though since they are very close to the steering column and depending on the position of the steering wheel, those controls, along with the light-dimming switch, were hard to see.

I always find it convenient to have steering wheel controls too. The Lincoln LS was equipped with cruise and audio controls that were easily accessible no matter where your hands are positioned. An Alpine Audio System provides great sound throughout the car and comes with a six-CD player.

The base price range for the 2002 Lincoln LS is $33,000 - $39,000.

Overall, out of a four tire rating, with four being the very best, I give the 2002 Ford Lincoln LS a three tire rating for an above average rating mostly based on it's performance and comfort features.

The 2002 Lincoln LS is also a “recommended” buy according to Consumer Reports. They claim it performed well in their tests and based on the model's history, they predict its reliability will be at least average.

Kristi's Fun Fact:

Lincoln All 2002 Lincoln sedans offer as an option the VCS Vehicle Communication System which allows drivers to get 24-hour emergency assistance, route guidance and other select information like stock updates. The option starts at $1,295 and the monthly fee begins at about $19.99 a month.

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