Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmerrrrrr H2

By: Steve Stewart

My experience, although limited with the "original" Hummer H1, was not a good one. From my perspective I found it to be an uncomfortable vehicle from a driver and passenger perspective, unless of course, you were using it for military purposes. And, after all, that was the original purpose of this unique vehicle.

The H1 felt crampy to me and I didnt like it being available ONLY in diesel.

So, when I saw the new Hummer H2 for the first time I was surprised. I liked it!

Now, we're in the midst of a "The C.A.R. Show" long term evaluation. It's a great opportunity to see if our feelings and opinions about the Hummer H2 change with the longer we have it.

Sometimes, the more time you're in a vehicle re-shapes how you view it from all perspectives.

We've taken delivery on our bright Yellow H2, a color that I think really works with this vehicle. It's not like you could overlook seeing a Hummer H2, but the bright yellow sure gives you an extra edge of visibility.

So... step up, slide in, buckle your seat belt, and get ready for a cool ride!

And, if you have a Hummer H1 or H2, we'd love to know what you like or dislike about your Hummers.

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